Apple and Bacon Pancakes for Two

Apple Bacon Pancake 1
Apple and Bacon Pancakes for Two

By David De Jong

On a chilly, fall morning these are, well as my dear wife would say: “The best breakfast you could get anywhere”. This will make about 8 small 4-5 inch pancakes.

1 Apple (peeled, quartered, and sliced)
3-4 Strips Bacon (cut into ¼” bits)
2 TBS Brown Sugar
1 Dash Cinnamon
½ Batch Pancake Batter (1 cup Bisquick™, 1/2 Cup Milk, 1 Egg)
4-6 TBS Butter (We have a large skillet and I like butter)

Toss Apple slices with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon. Set aside to rest while you make pancake batter and heat 2 – 3 TBS Butter & frying pan. Slices should become glazed in sugary/cinnamon/apple goodness. Better taste a slice, just to make sure.

Apple Bacon Pancake 2

Prepare pancake batter as normal and divide into small cakes once pan is ready. A small gravy ladle works great for this.

Carefully lay Apple slices directly on pancake batter in skillet.

Apple Bacon Pancake 3

Carefully add Bacon bits between apple slices on each pancake. Some spots I will insert bits on edge. (I like Bacon.)

Apple Bacon Pancake 4

Cook pancakes as you normally would, maybe add a touch of Butter when you flip them to caramelize the apple edges.

Apple Bacon Pancake 5

Enjoy with pancake toping/s of your choice.

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