I Believe

2012 Idaho Trip_EOS 154

Photo Credit: Lindsey Tonak

I Believe

By David De Jong

There is a power in this world
Deviously corrupt
Fearfully deceiving
Systemically self-centered

It compels rejection
Stirs confusion
Fans elimination
Replacing compassion

Love becomes an act
Full of conditions
Without submissions
Just self-addictions

Peace seems impossible
As our minds scream
From cold, vacant
Hearts of stone

Rest fails, to commotion
Mostly imagined
Fabricated in hollow
Petty conceit

Yet, if we ask

There is Almighty God
Infinite in majesty and power
Author of peace, knowledge
Unconditional love

We cannot fathom
His unimaginable thoughts
His redeeming ways
His infinite time

Yet He Forgives
While knowing
Who we are

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