Morning Glory



Morning Glory
By David De Jong

A patchwork of clouds says welcome,
With hints of lilac sifted through the air;
And the sun slows to make its presence,
Giving nature a chance for prayer.

The grass whispers of our disturbance,
While strolling a path through pastures green.
The field that slept is now awakened,
With glory expressed in what is seen.

Uncountable lenses glisten,
Constellations placed at rest.
Morning’s dew placed auspiciously,
While the sun slipped deeply west.

As the songbirds call and seek answers,
Collecting morsels, and crafting nests;
The mouse and hare seek sheltered slumber,
Winning once again, owl’s nightly tests.

Spring budding trees adorned in color,
Orioles flirting, darting about.
Distant meadowlarks in full chorus,
With an occasional pheasant’s shout.

Along the creek a stork like heron,
Steps carefully, inspecting its meal.
While the squirrel and blue jay squabble,
Over who got the better deal.

The dog pulls in hurried emergence,
Sensing trails of long gone, passing game.
And the geese fly overhead laughing,
While they gracefully, glide from frame.

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