Take Hold My Heart


Take Hold My Heart

By David De Jong

Take hold my hollows and thread me in
Mend my many stitches fat and thin
The knurls and burls of whimsical past
Lanyards of memories, unsurpassed

Hold fast my trimmings and clasp my ends
Lest I lose your charms and satin trends
Cut cautious, trim carefully my fray
Allowing space to dance, hearts to sway

Your eye so keen for colors that meld
Vividly vibrant, beauty beheld
Dazzling emeralds with which you see
Reveals true the love, you have for me

Take hold the hollow my cold steel heart
Welcomely warmed in your hands of art
Hold me closer and tether me blessed
That I be the heart upon your chest


These are just a few samples of the jewelry that my lovely wife, Shirley creates. They are elegant yet whimsical. So love her creative heart and hands. She never ceases to amaze me with her talents, which inspired this poem for her.

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