I Don’t Understand


I Don’t Understand

By David De Jong

We will protest and spend millions to save the whales, rightly so. Engage multiple conservation programs; to protect, protect at all cost, a given species. As a nation, we have and assumedly will continue to, pour billions upon billions to travel and explore space. To conquer the great unknown and search for life. Life, in a tiny microscopic organism. What a treasure! What a discovery!

Yet we fail to acknowledge the life that exists in the unborn, regardless of term. We give it varying scientific terms to make it less personal. We shrug it off as an “inconvenience” or a “mistake”. What if you, reading this text, had been labeled, a mistake. What if you, were just another fetus, just a clump of regret that thankfully could be dealt with: never to be bothered with again. Are you not a life, a human life?

Why is it ok to end the life of a fetus, a baby, but food crops are forced to die because a small fish in the irrigation canals is protected? A fish, a tiny fish! We place a higher priority on a fish than a human life. I love nature and all the natural beauty in this world and beyond, but we have it all wrong. As a Christian. I believe in God, His son, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and His saving grace. Even if I didn’t have that faith, those beliefs: life, human life, would still be precious. Whether that life is 105 years old living in a nursing home, or that life is a mere few days beyond conception. It is a life; growing inside its mother, with features and attributes of that mother and its father. A life no different than you or me, yet unique to every other human being.

Tell a mother after losing her unborn child to a miscarriage or still birth, that the “thing” inside that died was not her child, her baby. Scheduling ultrasounds and doctor check-ups, with test after test ensuring; new, progressively growing life. Until, something goes wrong, horribly wrong and the baby dies. How can that baby die if it was not once alive? It had life, human life. There was a room planned for it. There were clothes, blankets, toys, all sorts of accessories, purchased for this child. There were names being picked, favorite names that this new little being would be called for the rest of his or her life. This child is no different, no different than a child waiting to be aborted.

We protest declaring “Black Lives Matter”, and they do, no questions about it. Yet some statistics show more unborn black babies are aborted than any other race. If that is true, why is that ok? Where is the outcry for those Black Lives? Do these lives only “matter” when it is convenient for those involved?

Have we become so desensitized that a human life is nothing but a disposable item? We abuse it, neglect it, anything but hold it in the high regard that was intended. Even our entertainment has become twisted stories of human mutilation. We will pay hard earned money to witness; rape, murder, death and destruction on the silver screen or on our own subscription service. We have become so cold to these atrocities. We don’t even bat an eye. It’s our way of unwinding. The bloodier, more violent, explosive, and abusive, it is; the more it’s discussed and watched. There was a night not long ago that I turned on the TV (regular network, antenna TV) and three different shows had the same theme during “prime” time. Some young woman was brutally assaulted, raped, killed and disposed of like she was rotten garbage. All three of these shows – have high ratings. What kind of sick, degenerated psychopaths, have we become? We have become no better than the Romans and their coliseums. We are no different than the pagans sacrificing their children to appease their gods. We have become our own gods. We want whatever we feel is right for us. It all belongs to us. It’s my life, my body, my decision, my right.

How can we camp in a tree to protect a bird and then say it’s my right to abort my child? When videos became public of baby fur seal harvests – the world was in an outrage. It was barbaric, in-humane and cruel. But, on the other hand; its ok to pull apart a baby while its “safe” in its mother’s womb. Now that was a breakthrough for women’s rights.

I understand shame and regret. I understand fear. I don’t understand how a mother-to-be could take the life of the child growing inside her. I don’t understand how a father of the child would allow the mother to go through with it. I don’t understand how we as a nation, as a society, as a human race, can allow other humans to take a human life, regardless their age.

It’s the age-old battle; good versus evil. Yes evil. Evil is what wants you and I, and the entire human race, destroyed any way it can. If you happen to be someone that has had an abortion or has been part of one, I don’t condemn you. I can’t. It’s not in my power to. If you have not already, I  would encourage you to ask God Almighty for forgiveness, for peace in His grace like only He can give. God cares for us and loves us, even if/when we hate him, regardless what we have done. For all of us there will come a time though, when He will say; this is the end of the road, you had your chance, from now on its too late. That end is eternity, where God will leave us alone forever, if we so choose, but it will be pure hell from then on. Not choosing, is a choice. Don’t wait.

We have lost all respect of life.
Life is to be celebrated.
Life is to be cherished.
Life is to be shared.

Last week – I wrote about working things out and trying to get along with each other, changing. This week – I’m poking the bear. Last Sunday was Sanctity of Life Sunday at out church and churches across the country. Recognizing the sanctity of all life. Yesterday was the Right to Life March. The older I get, the more I just cannot condone; abortion, suicide or any other ill treatment of life, human life. Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Take Care and God Bless……..



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