A Dog’s Life




Watercolor Credit: Lindsey Tonak


A Dog’s Life
By David De Jong

We’ll go meandering for morning walks
Just to have our silent, extensive talks
Learning, discerning for paths of whitetail
Searching and sniffing all along the trail
You follow their scent and I track their tread
Gaining your prized treats, winter antlers shed

We’ll sit on the ridge, watching a red tail
Attempt after attempt ending in fail
To catch his prey scurrying in the brush
A rooster pheasant unwilling to flush
Taking his chance under an old tree pile
Sneaking out the back in keen rooster style

We’ll share a watermelon slice of fun
A tempting, sweet treat to your gentle tongue
Both so content as we nibble each slice
Knowing one will never, ever suffice
Then there on the porch we’ll just sit and stare
While dragon flies dart and pass through the air

We’ll play in the snow, the deepest the best
Racing the frisbee, your favorite test
You’ll turn your side into a giant ski
And slide down the hill in jubilant glee
You’ll roll and tussle to pick up some stink
While I cuss, and wonder just what to think

We’ll find puddles and muddles none too small
So you can splash and crash and spill them all
You love water more than fish in the creek
Sunny or cold, any day of the week
Once soaking wet you take hours to dry
With towels and fans, whatever we try

We’ll crash on the couch and you’ll twitch your eyes
Hinting with pathetic, endearing sighs
The days not over and there’s things to do
More toys to fetch or hide, more bones to chew
Just one more time, get your boots and your coat
Quit pretending, you’re some tired old goat

A dog’s life it is, for you and for me
Darn good one I must, admit it to be



Our Beloved Kopper


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