By David De Jong

You greet me and shelter me under your wings,
As you soar overhead on the breath of kings.
Your eyes fixed upon my fragile, broken heart,
Ready to console and mend each aching part.

In the lonely hours of longing memories,
Your grace abides while it glides above the trees.
Though ever silent and swift your presence shown,
I cast no doubt once I see your gleaming crown.

Your gift of companionship settles my day.
My spirit restored whole as I watch and pray.
You seem to foreknow the most delicate time,
As if responding to some heaven-sent chime.

While you soar with my prayers to heaven above;
You turn to look back with your assuring love.
Fleeting coincidence it could never be,
Abounding grace your mighty wings bring to me.

As you fly away, another takes your place;
Adorning bare trees with his bright crimson face.
And though he be smaller in stature and size,
His sole gift of company, a cherished prize.

It gives my heart comfort, assurance of late;
These simple messengers sent from heaven’s gate.

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