Clear Path

Clear Path

Clear Path
By David De Jong

Who can we determine as beautiful, peering through our masked facades
Who can we call conventional, while scrolling our glass tablets and pods

What makes us believe we’re better, looking at life through our polished lens
What makes us deny we’re capable to commit the very same sins

Where is coincidence, in a world run with technological bots
Where can we find freedom, within covert strategies and secret plots

How can we demonstrate compassion, when our homes are filled with crude hate
How can we rid cruel starvation, when food is spilling off our plate

Who can we call mighty, while we submit to our celebrity gods
Who can we distinguish unrighteous, while we walk where the devil trods

What can we call true, when our self-judgement lies to our self-centered minds
What can we call false, when our eyes and ears hide behind narrow blinds

Where can we serve full justice, when our hearts are ruled by wanting conceit
Where can we triumph victory, while the destitute sleep at our feet

How can we perform this symphony, when we play a different chord
How can we call ourselves holy, when we place our thrones, above our Lord

What makes us think our souls are different, than any other on earth

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