Winter Blocks

By David De Jong

Don’t get any ideas or get all riled
I’ve felt it in my bones for quite awhile
Been waitin’ for the time to let you know
This isn’t workin’, and you gotta go

I bid you; farewell, and gladly say so
It’s been some time now, I wished you would go
I’m tired of you tellin’ me what to do
Its high time things changed, for a better view

I welcomed you first, like everyone else
Like a breath of fresh air, good for my health
Things were crisp and clean, yet slowed down a bit
It felt great at first, we seemed a good fit

Somewhere between, the beginnin’ and end
I stopped seein’ you as my welcomed friend
Your cold-hearted attitude broke my stride
Time to let you go, run away and hide

We had some memories, good ones and bad
Some deeper than others, some best we had
Of gifts and lights and celebrations bright
New hopes and dreams, shared around candle light

You stranded us, branded us, kept us in
And never let us believe, we could win
You’d lose your temper and stir up a storm
Didn’t take you long, till it became the norm

Next time we meet, I’m sure I’ll have forgot
Your cold undertones and frozen earth plot
Time we broke it off, and just end this thing
I’ve found someone new and her name is Spring

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