Cross Sunset 3

By David De Jong

Easter is Hope
Hope that this
Cross we bear
Up some hill
We cannot see past
Overwhelmed with
Fear and exhaustion
To the point
We no longer
Can carry on
Carry this cross

Until God
Steps in
In the form
Of a friend
Family member
Sometimes a
Complete stranger
They help carry our burden
This cross we’ve been dragging
They pick it up
Give us a different
Walk beside us
Even if
To death

We all
Have had our own
Crosses to bear
But we all
Have had our own
Stones rolled away
We all
Have had our own
And some
Are still coming
When the cancer
Is gone
When a loved one
Returns home
When a child
Is born

Yet none
Can compare
To the hope
We see
In the Easter
Of all time
When Jesus Christ
Took all our sins
Our very own cross
And carried them
To hell
Where they belong
And left them

The ultimate burden
The ultimate cross
To endure
Has been forever
By our Savior
Jesus Christ

Easter is Hope
Easter is Healing
Easter is Life
Easter is Love
God’s Love

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