Who Am I


Who Am I
By David De Jong

Who knows the intricacies of my heart
The thoughts I have hidden and keep apart
The shame and discomfort of misdone deeds
Regrets and misery for unsown seeds

Who knows the dreams and aspirations still
That stir my soul and my brain seems to fill
Retreat and wonder, still waters by green
Pastures and forest with meadows unseen

Who can explore these things and still hold fast
Draw me closer in and not let me past
Walk beside in solitude yet not slip
Pick me up and carry me when I trip

Who could pull my soul from its mired pit
Bring my eyes to see with mere clay and spit
Open my heart to love that’s been redeemed
Allowed me to see what I never dreamed

A love more true than any truth as known
Gifts more precious than any love has shown
A heart more pure than any man could show
Grace more giving than any man could know

Who could love enough to take all my hell
Return to make it known that all is well
Who could this be but my Lord Jesus Christ
Who paid my debt of unpayable price

How can I measure in His vast estate
And all the wonder he spoke to create
Just a mere speck in a world set apart
Where his love shines down and sustains my heart

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