These Flags

Field of Honor

These Flags
By David De Jong

How can we say thank you, to a stranger we’ve never met?
How can we demonstrate gratitude and never forget?
How can we embrace with comfort, the loved ones left behind?
How can we give meaningful compassion, to those assigned?

We shake the hand of a veteran every chance we get;
To tell them: “Thank you”, “God bless you”, “We will never forget”.
We work for solutions, contributions, our arms stretched out,
By taking their burdens, as our own, so they never doubt.

We hold those we know, to shed a tear, for those we do not.
We embrace their grief for our sake; in humble, somber, thought.
We stand for their honor, their dignity and self-respect.
We support their families, despising any neglect.

We hold them dear in our hearts, like they were our very own,
For they truly are brothers and sisters we’ve never known.
Just like those we know, that we have loved and that we have lost;
We remember and hold in honor, their ultimate cost.

That’s why these flags fly; with dignity, pride, significance,
Each one carefully placed, with loving hands and thankfulness.
For every man and woman of valor each represents,
May our hearts, our lives, reflect gratitude and reverence.

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