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I was born and raised in the Midwest, Northwest Iowa to be more specific. Got married, moved and raised a family in Central California. After about 30 years we relocated back to the Midwest. Now, Shirley and I live on an acreage in South Dakota. We are proud parents of three beautiful adult daughters and proud grandparents of one grandson. We have lots of native wildlife and domestic critters that entertain us and keep us company. When we go for walks it’s a parade of cats and dogs following us as we walk through the fields, quite the sight.

I have worked in the electronics manufacturing industry most of my life, but love the outdoors. Even when the temperature is cold and the snow is blowing there’s something about being outdoors that makes every breath count. Evenings we will sit by our fire-pit, in the back yard, watching the deer come out of the grove, while coyotes howl in the background.

My education came the hard way. Dropped out of high school thinking work was more fun, and paid better. Got a G.E.D. and took numerous night classes at a local junior college in California.

Not a writer per say, but I enjoy dabbling in the craft as a hobby. I have always had rhymes and rhythms running through my thoughts. I could have an entire poem/lyric in my head lying in bed, unable to sleep. By morning I couldn’t remember what it was even about, let alone any of the lines. So I have started (finally) to write them down and have been doing so now for several years. In the past, very few if any got written on paper.

Just recently I have become more active in pursuing an interest of possibly publishing some individually and hopefully a book one day. If nothing else at least my family, friends and future grandchildren will be able to read them. It’s very encouraging to have someone respond to something I have written.

Inspiration comes from various places but it all seems to revolve around; love for my wife, our family, nature, cowboy lifestyle and last but not least, faith in my savior, Jesus Christ. I have heard statements in conversation or on radio and thought; Aha! That would make a great poem/story. Sometimes it comes from a single word or even something I may see as we walk i.e. eagles soaring overhead, a newborn fawn in the pasture. Many times I don’t know where it specifically comes from – it just shows up as a phrase in my head and builds from there.

For a more “in depth” conversation please visit: Poet-Interview.

Thanks for stopping in.

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. David–we are ‘neighbors’ at Jennifer Dukes’ Lee’s “Tell His Story” link up. I enjoyed reading your ‘about.’ God bless you as you continue writing. Sounds like you have a lot of stories!

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