Photo and Original Art Credit: – Marcia Baldwin – Midnight Ride Indian War Horse

Please visit Marcia’s site at: http://mbaldwinfineart.com/


By David De Jong

Narrow path lit by a tempered moon,
Glistening, listening, solitaire loon.
Pine scent whispers, calm the air.
Feathers and leather, laced in hair.
Soft steps spoken in solemn stride;
Flavoring essence, this midnight ride.

Darkened giants, glean for the stars.
Memory expunges battle scars.
Granite cathedrals echo each step,
Sacred calling, kindred fellowship.
The groomsman beckoning to his bride;
Savoring essence, this midnight ride.

Ghostly shadows drift to make their way,
While the owl watches and sorts her prey.
An allusive breeze proclaims its chill,
Till breathing wings engulf the shrill.
Mesmerized pulses, eclipsing pride;
Flavoring essence, this midnight ride

Words come to meaning in silent song,
Drifting heavenward in starlit throng.
Truth awakened, creation’s dance.
Night calls to day, never by chance.
Hope takes step in gallant stride;
Savoring essence, this midnight ride.

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