By David De Jong

Lowly bloom thriving among ruse of perfection
Meek tonic herb of medicinal concoction
Reflecting beams of sunlight, never mistaken
Gift of prize given to mothers by small children

Infallible yet rejected, neglected, disdained
Attacked with fierce vigor, alienated, un-maned
Trampled underfoot and ignored but still resolute
A blossom in the garden of common refute

Scattered over the earth by a whimsical wind
Unlimited destination, of where it will end
A delicate spirit, carefree, elated with ease
Sophisticated yet modest, endearing to please

Reflective of purpose, given each living soul
Giving beauty to life, taking time to console
Standing out in a world complacent to offense
Quietly, in its own way, making a difference

Bloom where you are planted, let your wishes catch the wind
Be who God created, cast away what you pretend
Brighten the day of a child, a friend to one in need
Pause to see the beauty in what some would call a weed

Who Am I


Who Am I
By David De Jong

Who knows the intricacies of my heart
The thoughts I have hidden and keep apart
The shame and discomfort of misdone deeds
Regrets and misery for unsown seeds

Who knows the dreams and aspirations still
That stir my soul and my brain seems to fill
Retreat and wonder, still waters by green
Pastures and forest with meadows unseen

Who can explore these things and still hold fast
Draw me closer in and not let me past
Walk beside in solitude yet not slip
Pick me up and carry me when I trip

Who could pull my soul from its mired pit
Bring my eyes to see with mere clay and spit
Open my heart to love that’s been redeemed
Allowed me to see what I never dreamed

A love more true than any truth as known
Gifts more precious than any love has shown
A heart more pure than any man could show
Grace more giving than any man could know

Who could love enough to take all my hell
Return to make it known that all is well
Who could this be but my Lord Jesus Christ
Who paid my debt of unpayable price

How can I measure in His vast estate
And all the wonder he spoke to create
Just a mere speck in a world set apart
Where his love shines down and sustains my heart


Cross Sunset 3

By David De Jong

Easter is Hope
Hope that this
Cross we bear
Up some hill
We cannot see past
Overwhelmed with
Fear and exhaustion
To the point
We no longer
Can carry on
Carry this cross

Until God
Steps in
In the form
Of a friend
Family member
Sometimes a
Complete stranger
They help carry our burden
This cross we’ve been dragging
They pick it up
Give us a different
Walk beside us
Even if
To death

We all
Have had our own
Crosses to bear
But we all
Have had our own
Stones rolled away
We all
Have had our own
And some
Are still coming
When the cancer
Is gone
When a loved one
Returns home
When a child
Is born

Yet none
Can compare
To the hope
We see
In the Easter
Of all time
When Jesus Christ
Took all our sins
Our very own cross
And carried them
To hell
Where they belong
And left them

The ultimate burden
The ultimate cross
To endure
Has been forever
By our Savior
Jesus Christ

Easter is Hope
Easter is Healing
Easter is Life
Easter is Love
God’s Love



By David De Jong

Pillars of this open sanctuary
Old cottonwoods and maples raise the sky
The creek circles back for a better view
Giving meaning to a heavenward sigh

A distant red-head, drums a piercing beat
Calling for rev’rence as the anthems raise
Chickadee and meadowlark take their cue
Singing their chorus to this joyful praise

While the robin presents its shy reply
A red-wing black bird gives a rolling trill
New budded branches, play strings to the wind
And the blue jay calls for all to be still

Rippling water comforts old resting stones
Reverbing an ambience so superb
Words serve no purpose, simple inner groans
Speak more than incompetent verbal blurb

All creation clamors to its places
And in one accord take their knee to pray
Providing blessed assurance to this peace
As the sun returns for another day

While they present their Maker, grandeur praise
I stand in awe this grand sanctuary
And contemplate in a remorseful way
If I give God glory, as it should be


Winter Blocks

By David De Jong

Don’t get any ideas or get all riled
I’ve felt it in my bones for quite awhile
Been waitin’ for the time to let you know
This isn’t workin’, and you gotta go

I bid you; farewell, and gladly say so
It’s been some time now, I wished you would go
I’m tired of you tellin’ me what to do
Its high time things changed, for a better view

I welcomed you first, like everyone else
Like a breath of fresh air, good for my health
Things were crisp and clean, yet slowed down a bit
It felt great at first, we seemed a good fit

Somewhere between, the beginnin’ and end
I stopped seein’ you as my welcomed friend
Your cold-hearted attitude broke my stride
Time to let you go, run away and hide

We had some memories, good ones and bad
Some deeper than others, some best we had
Of gifts and lights and celebrations bright
New hopes and dreams, shared around candle light

You stranded us, branded us, kept us in
And never let us believe, we could win
You’d lose your temper and stir up a storm
Didn’t take you long, till it became the norm

Next time we meet, I’m sure I’ll have forgot
Your cold undertones and frozen earth plot
Time we broke it off, and just end this thing
I’ve found someone new and her name is Spring

Mystical Fog

Morning Fog

Mystical Fog
By David De Jong

Meanderin’ through mystical fog
An ol’ cowpoke and his trusty dog
Searchin’ for strays and doct’rin’ the sick
Coverin’ old wounds needin’ a scratch or pick

Surroundin’ fog with its somber charm
Somehow comfortin’, oddly warm
Like a blanket wrapped in tenderness
Settlin’ worries, erasin’ stress

Speakin’ softly in his calmin’ tone
The cowpoke assured, he’s not alone
He hears a whisperin’ in the trees
The brush of feathers, angelic breeze

Unable to speak yet still explain
Branches shed tears for the sorrowed pain
Solemn drops shatterin’ on the ground
Humble offerin’s, simply profound

Somehow peace, alleviates the soul
On this damp an’ dreary, mornin’ stroll
The Creator’s magic never fails
Inspirin’ hope along these trails

Step after step they all trod along
Listenin’ to angels sing their song
An ol’ cowpoke and his trusty dog
Meanderin’ through, mystical fog

Twelve Hundred


Twelve Hundred
By David De Jong

Saddle bags getting’ lean, ammo’s nearly spent
Pockets are empty, ‘cept memories and lint
Sheriff’s closin’ in and his posse’s takin’ turn
Piece of lead he gave me, sure startin’ to burn

We crossed the border and the ponies were fine
Our herd of three hundred, all ready and prime
Got caught up in a tussle, Black Canyon Bends
No-good sheriff with his no-good friends

They rustled the herd, left us all for dead
I can’t get that lyin’ cheat, outa my head
He knew we were comin’, had it all arranged
Thought I could trust him, until it all got changed

We’ve been busted up before but none the likes
Pinned hard to the ground like a rail and spikes
Surrounded and outnumbered, nowhere to go
They took the herd and turned for ol’ Mexico

So now, the sheriff and I, got a debt to settle
His badge, means nothing, just a piece of metal
We’ll be pickin’ buttons off each other’s shirt
Lead will be flyin’ till one of us eats dirt

If I go down spillin’ my blood on the ground
I’ll sure take him with me and bring him around
Just in time to see, what he’s about to taste
Twelve hundred hooves, givin’ the devil his chase