Rusty Pup


David De Jong
December 10, 2011

I remember so well, the night we picked you up,
You were the dark-haired, fat belly, grunting, little pup.
Just a ball of fur and a puppy-breath tongue, that wouldn’t stop,
You were one cute, happy little critter, made our hearts just pop.
We drove away, happy as could be,
Stopped at a Taco Bell, just so you could pee.
On the way home we tried to pick a suitable name,
And all agreed, a surf board, a color, all the same.
Mom and Dad, with three little girls, had a new prize,
Little did we know how much you would touch our lives.
You were always happy and ready to play,
Determined to improve the worst of the day.
Any time someone was distraught, hurt, or just mad,
You laid your big head on their lap, making it clear it made you sad.
A big sigh, and wet brown eyes, peering deep in our soul,
Made it very clear, you were feeling and paying the toll.
You would jump for glee, when we pulled down your leash for a walk,
And would have to spell certain words, when we would casually talk.
You loved to; play, chase, fetch, and just run,
Not really sure – who had more of the fun.
Standing in the pool, walking in the creek, splashing in the surf,
You loved being in water, even just a shower, on the home turf.
Never seen another animal use your level of skill,
Rolling like a happy child, down a summer’s grassy hill.

Rusty Sleep

You were a soft warm pillow, to little girls, lying on the floor,
You were the first to greet friends and neighbors at any door.
Doing laundry, you thought you were sly as a fox,
You would pull out the towels and sneak away with the socks.
You filled a huge spot and our human hearts may never be the same,
Thinking how our fingers disappeared in your coat, thick as lion’s mane.
Wagging your tail, enormous in strength, with pure delight,
We jokingly feared you able to fling a small child out of sight!
Today, you lay at rest – deep beneath the frost and snow,
Top of the hill, still able to see all who come and go.
The pheasant, coon, and deer you chased; bed down to keep you warm,
Tis a cold, sad day for all us watching you pass, here at the farm.
Your name will forever be held dear in our heart,
The joy you brought never stopped, still fresh, from the start.
Filling the prints, as a four-legged companion, impossible it may be,
Never will we forget, your love or a name, so fitting, as our dear – old Rusty.

Rusty Snow 2

Rusty Snow

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